viernes, 3 de agosto de 2018

Summer Suit


Hacía tiempo que no me pasaba por la web de Zaful para ver las novedades que han traido para este verano.
Hoy os enseño este conjunto con estampado vichy formado por top (Aquí), y short (Aquí). Es muy cómodo y queda perfecto con cualquier tipo de calzado! Yo lo combiné con sandalias de plataforma pero creo que también quedará genial con converse, cuñas y cualquier zapatilla.




It's been a long time since I stopped by the Zaful website to see the new items for this summer. There are a great fashionable women dresses, all that we need for summer :)
And today I show you this new set with vichy pattern, consisting of top (Here), and short (Here). It is very comfortable and looks perfect with any type of footwear! I combined it with platform sandals but I think it will also be great with converse, wedges and any sneaker.

Do you know Zaful? Take a look! At this moment there are some affordable sport items you can select. I love all of them :) And what do you think about the amazing top fashionable dresses?

And another point in favor, Zaful unconditional refund with quality , non received, size issue within 24 hours!

Use code " ZFAnniversary " for all order with over 25USD save 3USD 

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Use code " ZFAnniversary" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD 

Each customer could only use each coupon for three times.





domingo, 22 de julio de 2018


Ever since I got hooked with online shopping, it is hard to stay away from my phone and my computer. Checking the new arrivals of my favorite online stores has been my outlet to de-stress. Gone are the days that I need to go out of the house and go shopping or window-shopping literally. Now, I can enjoy doing both conveniently anytime and anywhere. Also, these online stores I've been frequenting has a lot to offer not only of the fashion trend but they have a lot to offer on how you can save tons. ROSEGAL 5th Anniversary has started its amazing offers to their customers where you can claim a coupon from July 09-15 and I can't contain the excitement because I just got a huge discount coupon. (Coupon:)

And let me share with you now that on July 16-18, I can use that huge discount coupon I have claimed for some serious shopping at Rosegal. (Coupon:)
That party countdown to claim your coupons will last until July 15 only, so if you haven't claimed yours yet, do it now!

Here are the details on claiming your big anniversary coupons and do not forget to use the coupons on July 16-18:

1.) Use your RG POINTS to claim BIG anniversary coupons, 20 points each time. 
2.) You can only claim one coupon per day. 
3.) Coupon valid from July 16 to 18, 2018 EST. 
4.) You can check the coupon in your account.

These two dresses will hit the checkout on July 16. Yes, I am going to use the huge discount coupon I claimed from the party countdown. The denim blue cutout dress left me in awe. I really love its cutout back design. What a twist indeed. As well as this pineapple print shift dress. The asymmetrical cut of the dress added glam aside from the famous pineapple print. The flared sleeves are gorgeous. What do you think?

I'm a certified online shopper and I frequent Rosegal for shopping. THE TOTAL CONSUMPTION LIST that runs from July 09-18 is so tempting I want to spend all my money on shopping. Hahaha! Of course, I want to get rewarded and who wouldn't want to take home that $500 coupon. This anniversary sale is amazing! Below are the details to get you qualified to be on the list:

1.) From July 9-18 EST, they will pick 100 customers with the highest payment amount, and send them free BIG coupons within one month after the event. 
2.) Coupon is valid for 6 months; view your coupons in your account. 
3.) If you cancel the order or ask for a refund, your prize will be revoked and automatically rewards to the next customer. 
4.) Rosegal remains the right of the final explanation. If you have any issues, please contact our support center. 

*Total payment amount ranking Prize 
*NO.1: $500 COUPONS 
*NO.2 - NO.10: $100 COUPONS 
*NO.11 - NO.100: $30 COUPONS

Stripes are one of my favorite prints. May it vertical or horizontal; I find this very simple print yet attractive that will definitely turn head. Agree? Ever since this scarf trend popped out, I haven't owned a silk one like this striped silky professional square scarf. I find it simple yet elegant. And I think it is perfect to pair with a striped top, too? I choose this off the shoulder striped knit top to complete the look.

I love small purses. That's why this elegant Hasp V-shaped Stitching Chain Crossbody Bag will also hit the checkout because it is best to buy this using my huge discount. I hope my name to be listed in the ranking for this. I'm aiming for the highest prize. Well, who doesn't? Now, listen, lovelies! Raise your hand if you want to win a free order. Who wouldn't love free, by the way? Below are the RULES to have a chance to PLAY LUCKY DRAW:

1.) During July 9-18, every time you pay an order, you get a chance to play luck draw. 
2.) Points and coupons will arrive directly to your account. 
3.) If you win the free order, the first order amount during the event will be returned in the form of a coupon. 
4.) Rosegal remains the right of the final explanation. If you have any issues, please contact our support center.



Girls would take 100 shots and a very few shots will make it to posting. In general, only one will make it to posting. That is us, girls. When I take my #OOTD shots randomly using my smartphone, my husband can take up countless shots before I get contented with the pictures. I have learned my angles especially when posing in camera but sometimes, if it is a random shot using my smartphone, my best angles aren't convincing enough. But looking good is not just about your appearance because I believe that if you have a beautiful mind and heart, the beauty radiates from within and that where the confidence comes from. Agree? Whatever size you are, small or big, it's how you wear that self-confidence. I am moved by ROSEGAL because as they celebrate their 5th anniversary, they give us customers a chance to share our story to inspire girls everywhere. And there's nothing better than receiving shopping points and a chance to win $50 by sharing your story. Agree?

I already join with #iamwhoiam and shared my story. For every sharing of your story, you should upload a photo also. For every successful and approved posting, it will get you to earn 100 points ($2) and you can post as many as you want. Sounds exciting, yes? What's not to like if you will earn an EXTRA $50 cash coupon? Click here #iamwhoiam 


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When posting your photo, make sure it will not exceed 5MB to avoid repeating and trying. For every successful posting of your story, this pop-up box will confirm that 100 points were added to your account. It is that easy, girls! Then, invite your friends to like your photos. The more likes you gathered, the more chances of winning the $50 cash coupon. I can't wait for my shared story to get approved and see how many of my friends will like it. If they will not hit the "like", I will un-friend them. Oh, just kidding!

I totally noticed that the inspired videos are of the plus size influencers. I enjoyed watching all the videos. I find it very inspiring and they're all beautiful. Salute to Rosegal for this amazing promotion of #iamwhoiam. It's really true that anyone can be sexy and anyone can wear what he or she wants. Fashion is not limited to the skinny body, always remember that. I remember my friend that I got to know 8 years ago. She is nice and very kind. She always treats me to dinner and spa before. For other people’s eyes, and me, she is beautiful. But I think she didn't know that or better say; she doesn't believe that every time a compliment has been expressed towards her. She is a plus size and she never realized that sometimes I envy her voluptuous body especially in the chest department. Haha! I always asked her to give me some of it, which we always end up laughing. She has a beautiful heart and that's why I have mentioned above that it's the beauty of the heart that radiates from within. I can say that I've helped her in terms of gaining her self-confidence and I am proud of that. Care to share your story? We are all eyes and ears for it.

viernes, 20 de julio de 2018

Baby BelleChic, un Reino de PEQUEÑOS Príncipes y Princesas

Baby BelleChic, un Reino de PEQUEÑOS Príncipes y Princesas.

La diseñadora y emprendedora palentina María Ayuso lanza su primera línea infantil a través de la plataforma on-line de crowfunding Verkami este sábado 21 de Julio en colaboración con la Fundación Jose Carreras contra la Leucemia, a la que destinará un porcentaje de las inversiones de los mecenas.
Baby BelleChic nace con una familia de complementos de confección artesanal “made in Spain” para los más pequeños de la casa. Predomina un estilo moderno y divertido, sencillo y limpio pero dulce y coqueto a la vez.  La tendencia marinera o navy se hace protagonista en sus colores y estampados: rayas, lunares o estrellas en tonos azul marino y blanco con toques mostaza.

La línea busca fomentar el desarrollo de la imaginación y fantasía de los niños con sus colores y estampados. Ésta va dirigida a pequeños desde 0 a 24 meses, vistiéndoles con esos toques originales, divertidos y exclusivos que las mamás buscan para sus retoños.
Destacan los detalles, la originalidad y los tejidos de calidad, los cuales son personalizables en cuanto a colores o estampados. Así los mecenas o pequeños inversores de Verkami podrán elegir su recompensa de entre toda la colección y darle su toque exclusivo seleccionando la opción de colorido más a su gusto.

De esta forma la marca se estrena este sábado 21 de Julio a través de la plataforma de crowfunding Verkami en una campaña que tendrá una duración de 40 días con la que María espera,  junto con su equipo, conseguir la financiación 
deseada para continuar con la producción del resto de la colección, tanto prendas como ampliación de complementos, y así desarrollar adecuadamente el proyecto. 

Todos los inversores privados o particulares podrán colaborar en el proyecto con sus aportaciones, aceptando desde una cantidad simbólica hasta múltiples opciones. Pudiendo elegir a cambio de ellas el/los complemento/s de la colección cápsula que se lanza, aquí: (

María Ayuso es el alma detrás de BBC, palentina de nacimiento, es una apasionada del diseño y la moda desde niña. Entre su extensa formación se encuentran los estudios de  Ingeniería Técnica en Diseño Industrial y Diseño de Moda en ESI Valladolid. Fundadora de BelleChic, marca de moda femenina, comienza su andadura personalizando camisetas, seguido de pequeñas colecciones pret a porter y diseños a medida. Trabajo comercializado a través de la e-shop del mismo nombre, en Redes Sociales como en FB (5000 seguidores) y en unos 10 puntos de venta multi-marca por toda España.  Sus diseños son lucidos por multitud de bloggers como Estefanía del blog “Con 2 Tacones”, Beatriz de “Necklace of Pearls” o Silvia de “El Armario de Silvia”, así como en tv por Cristina Pedroche, Usun Yoon, la cantante Soraya.

La diseñadora compagina su emprendimiento siendo la Organizadora y Promotora del famoso Desfile en Apoyo al Comercio Textil Palentino que celebra cada temporada en la capital Castellano Leonesa y decide hacer una pausa en la confección femenina para apostar por esta línea infantil que os presentamos.
Una línea que piensa, además, en los demás aportando un porcentaje de las inversiones a la Fundación Jose Carreras contra la Leucemia (

domingo, 15 de julio de 2018

Zaful Wishlist

Today I want to talk you about a great website. Do you like Zaful?
There are an amazing variety of tops, dresses, accessories...
I love going to these clothing websites when I barely have time to go shopping.
Lately I'm interested in the fashionable women dresses! and today I wanted to show you my selection.

My favorite ones are striped and printed models, feminine and elegant.

Are perfect for summer!
Cool and eye-catching models that feel very good.
What do you prefer?

Also on this website there are sets that are great for the this days.
I love blue combinations and models with flowers.
You will find perfect dresses for each one of you.

As I already tell you, apart from these dresses there is a great variety of garments.
I recommend you take a look to some affordable sport items you can select There are beautiful things!

Zaful Unconditional Refund with Quality, Non-received, Size Issue within 24 Hours:

And also you have great discounts!

Use code " ZFAnniversary " for all order with over 25USD save 3USD 

Use code"ZFAnniversary"  for all order with over 50USD save 6USD

Use code " ZFAnniversary" for all order with over 100USD save 12USD 

 Each customer could only use each coupon for three times.

Take the opportunity and buy your summer clothes!

I wait your opinions girls :D

viernes, 29 de junio de 2018

Marine Stripes

NUEVO POST: Marine Stripes

Por fin es verano, y hoy os traigo la prenda que me pedisteis en algunos de los últimos posts.
Estas últimas semanas ha tocado mudanza, a un ático del centro! :) Y tener tiempo para hacer fotos ha sido imposible. Además también he empezado en un trabajo nuevo y no he parado.
Intentaré publicar más ;)

Como os decía hoy os tarigo un look con crop top blanco y pantalón palazzo de rayas de estilo marinero, una prenda que me propusisteis para combinar con crop top.
Os dejo con las fotos!
¿Qué os parece?


NEW OUTFIT POST: Marine Stripes

Finally it's summer, and today I bring you the garment you asked me in some of the last posts.
These last weeks I had to moved... to an attic downtown! :) And having time to take pictures has been impossible. I have also started a new job and I have not stopped.
I will try to publish more ;)

As I was saying, today I show you an outfit with a white crop top and sailor-style striped palazzo trousers, a garment you proposed me to combine with a crop top.
I leave you with the photos!
What do you think?



Local Store

lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

Mesh Crop


Hola a todos!!! Últimamente he tenido unos días bastante ajetreados y casi no he podido publicar. Pero hoy saco un ratillo para traeros un look que he llevado el pasado fin de semana con este top que me encanta de Sheinside (aquí).

Me encantan este tipo de tops semitransparentes para llevar con un bralette de encaje por debajo.
Ahora que se acerca el buen tiempo ya podemos empezar a ponernos ropa fresca y este tipo de tops! Pronto más looks con prendas tendencia de esta primavera :D
Feliz semana!



Hello everyone!!! Lately I've had quite a busy days and I have hardly been able to publish. But today I take a while to bring you an outfit that I wore last weekend with this top that I love from Sheinside (here).

I love this type of semitransparent tops to wear with a lace bralette underneath.
Now that the good weather is approaching we can start putting on fresh clothes and this type of tops! Soon more looks with trending clothes of this spring: D
Happy week!




viernes, 13 de abril de 2018



Hola chicas!! Hoy os traigo un nuevo post con los últimos productos cosméticos que estoy probando!
Tenía muchas ganas de probar en concreto un nuevo maquillaje y algun serum que me habían recomendado.

No sé si habéis oído hablar del maquillaje de alta cobertura Dermacol. Se usa incluso en sesiones de fotos y para maquillar a las modelos antes de los desfiles.

El maquillaje promete una cobertura total. En mi caso creo que no ha terminado de cubrir todas las imperfecciones de mi piel y me ha dejado algun brillo, pero hay que tener en cuenta que cada una tenemos una piel diferente y a vosotras os puede resultar mejor.
Aun así si que es cierto que cubre muy bien y no es incómodo de llevar!

Estaba deseando probar algo de la marca de Nip+Fab, la marca low cost similar a Rodial.
Yo elegí el serum de noche con gel Glicólico que reduce los poros y es para piel grasa.
No llevo usándola mucho tiempo aun pero de momento me está yendo bastante bien, se nota más firmeza en la piel.

Y como siempre, un complemento para el pelo. 
Siempre uso bastantes productos de este tipo.
Esto son vitaminas masticables de Hairburst con Biotina, Zinc y vitaminas que ayudan al crecimiento del pelo y a tenerlo más fuerte y sano.
Estoy tomando 2 al día y en breve os contaré si estoy notando resultados.
Son fáciles de tomar ya que parecen golosinas de fresa.

Y también para el pelo... aceite de coco y aceite de almendras.
Con estos aceites se pueden elaborar mascarillas para la cara y el pelo. 
En este caso también es una ayuda para el crecimiento.

También podéis usarlo para el crecimiento de las pestañas mediante la mezcla en un recipiente de estos 2 aceites junto con aceite de ricino. Aplicándolo todas las noches con un cepillo de pestañas tendréis resultados a partir de un mes!

Hace poco también descubrí este producto. Polvos texturizantes que se aplican en la raíz del pelo para tener un mayor volumen.
Se aplican con el pelo seco con un suave masaje y el pelo se nota con más volumen!

Esto ha sido todo por el momento, espero que os sirvan los consejos :)

miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2018

White Choker


Otro de los nuevos jerseys que he recibido de la web de Zaful es este (aquí) con la tendencia choker incorporada! Con una pequeña lazada en un lateral y este escote tan original. 
Os lo enseño combinado con mom jeans, botines y abrigo de pelo que viene tan bien para estos días tan fríos que estamos teniendo.

¿Qué os parece esta tendencia de prendas con choker? Junto con los pantalones de bandas laterales es otra de mis preferidas de la temporada!
Pronto el post que me habéis pedido sobre mis últimas compras en cosméticos!



Another of the new sweaters that I received from the Zaful website is this (here) with the built-in choker trend! With a little laced on one side and this neckline so original.
I combined it with mom jeans, boots and fur coat that comes so well for these cold days that we are having.

What do you think of this trend of clothes with choker? Along with the sideband pants is another of my favorites of the season!
Soon the post that you have asked me about my latest purchases in cosmetics!