sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017


Hi girls!
Today I bring you a great proposal, a website that I just met and I think it's great. Do you know the addcolo extensions website?

A professional online store center providing a variety of products at amazing prices and shipping them globally.

I think the U Part Wig are the best product. U Part Wig is wig sewn on a u part cap with clips and adjustable straps.

A U-part wig allows us to blend the own hair through a specific u-shaped opening at the top of the wig, I think there are amazing wigs! 

It is a great product to get volume and make great hairstyles!

I think the best is that we can design different u-shaped size: 2*4 inch, 1*4 inch, 1.5*4 inch...
One thing that I value a lot is the possibility of customizing these types of items to our liking to get exactly what we need!

What do you thing?
Do you use these products?

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